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Star Boy

This is a must-read for anyone who desires powerful motivation and emotional support outside of an addiction textbook or self-help book. I love the visualization Paula’s story draws for the reader as the reader travels through her parenthood journey. Her story is as captivating as is clever in the way she illustrates the challenges and recovery of raising a son trapped in the claws of addiction. Her story uses an artistic approach to provide empathy, validation, and hope to any reader who struggles with addiction and/or has a family member suffering from addiction.

A Call to Nursing

What leads a person to become a nurse? And what makes some decide to stay and others to leave?
Hear from twenty-five nurses from hospitals, private practices, and in home health care about why they became nurses and why some have walked away.

Edited and introduced by two experts in the field, who speak from two sides of the same coin. One is still in practice, and the other has left the field. A Call to Nursing is a resource for nurses, those considering the field, and anyone who wants to understand what makes a nurse tick.

Meditations on hope

Nurses from hospitals, private practices, and in home health care tell about how they keep their faith and hope in the healing process, in the face of patients’ suffering. Hear from people new to the field as well as those who have been in nursing for decades about the cases that have buoyed their spirits and those that require their greatest reserve of strength.

Boomer Girls

“Here they come, the biggest, loudest voices in the millennial USA, and there is no avoiding their oomph and bravado – who would want to? Boomer girls rock and rule in this eclectic collection of the female vernacular. No tiny feet here (lots of stamping though) – listen up!” Maureen Seaton, 1999.

Family Business

“The title Family Business suggests the ways families live and pass on a heritage—not only the commercial ventures that feed and fail us, but the private shaping of character, lessons in loss and survival, grief and joy, that convey the shapes our lives can take, the expectations the young can have. It’s a business we are all in, sorting out our heritage, defining notions of place and home, what home can and cannot be.” Betsy Scholl, 2005.


“I count every year- how old would my brother be, had he lived? Cleaning out boxes of old things at my mother’s house, remnants of childhood, I recently came across my brother’s sketches and old photos of us playing together as children. Brother is a collection of poems that reflect my struggle to comprehend his life and death. The chapbook includes my brother’s original sketches.” Paula Sergi, 1996.

Black Forest Love Songs

Love in all its moods and seasons stands at the center of Paula Sergi‘s Black Forest Love Songs, her strongest collection yet. This sumptuous suite ranges from small town Wisconsin to the German forest of the title poem, with stops in California, Alaska, Oregon and elsewhere, including the fields of dream. The voice here is wise and wistful, the emotional clarity notable, and the lines rich with music and dramatic detail. Sergi displays an especially sharp eye for gray areas of both thought and feeling. “I want it all,” the speaker of one poem admits; and of course wanting is at the core of life’s sweetness as well as its losses. In fact, this book does have it all: music, honesty, and unforgettable turns of phrase and thought in every poem. A highly readable and haunting chapbook.
–David Graham

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